Sales Training, Systems and Process, Techniques & Mindset

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''There is no such thing as Sales,

there is only helping people buy''


Tony Pearson

Product knowledge is only 1/4 of a person's sales abilities and a smaller fraction when it comes to determing how successful a sales person will be. We don't train product knowledge but we do deliver the other three vital areas to help your sales team thrive!


1. Systems and Process - how to understand the sales process and follow a consitent, strategic approach of best practice to always get the maximum conversion rates.

2. Sales Techniques - how to most effectively gather information, build relationships and influence decision makers.

3. Sales Mindset - confidence, motivation, focus, work ethic - the driving force behind your success.


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Telesales Book

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'Professional Telesales' by Tony Pearson


Available on Amazon


If you have to pick the phone up to generate business or employ people to do this for your company, this is a must-read.


Full of practical, real-life telesales advice this is possibly the most cost effective way to improve your telesales results.


No secrets, cons or tricks - simply the right approach.