The Sales Process...

As experts in the provision of proven sales support services and outsourced business to business telesales this page is here to share ideas regarding the sales process so that you may incorporate them into your company's processes and/or better understand how outsourced telesales services can benefit you.

The sales process can be broken down into 4 key stages (groups). Below is a guide to these groups and ideas on how to maximise your conversion rates at each stage:

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Suspects are those contacts (companies) with whom you are yet to make contact. Broadly speaking companies you are looking to contact can be profiled by geography, size & sector. You may also be able to get even more targeted lists. At this stage these companies have not heard of you and you know very little about them. The aim here is to qualify the data so that you can clearly identify decision makers and send introductory information to them so that they have heard of your company. 


We have proven scripts to maximise the conversion from Suspect (unqualified data) to Prospect (qualified data) and do not try to push for a sale or appointment at this stage.




As mentioned - this is qualified data (i.e. a decision maker at the target company) who has received your introductory information and you are satisfied that they meet your target market profile following your initial conversation. These are contacts with whom you must patiently build rapport and learn more about their business. Only when you have learned enough about the relevance of your product or service and the the contact trusts that they will benefit from a further conversation on the matter is an appointment/quotation request likely.


Our CRM software helps us set follow up calls to the contact at the right time and keep detailed notes on all conversations so that we can build rapport, gather information and set calls to suit the contact. Our scripts are question orientated, which means that the conversations are customer orientated rather than based on reeling of features & USPs that may be meaningless to the customer. By listening to them we are able to gather the relevant information (which we call Vital Data Capture) and can then introduce relevant benefits to them that they may wish to discuss further.




Your Pipeline is the group of people who you have met with and/or provided a specific quotation to (do not include generic price list requests in the stage). You have heard the specific requirements of these people and been able to provide a proposal to accordingly. Follow up will again be determined by the urgency of the contact's requirements.


All the appointments we book are with a decision maker at a confirmed time. We confirm the appointment time and subject with the contact via email and provide our clients with a written brief of the meeting including all vital data capture and rapport notes details so that you have a good idea about the meeting you are going into! We also provide pipeline reports so that you can provide feedback on each contact at this stage, which allows us to provide support in arranging second meetings where required.


This stage is all about closing the business and we provide coaching and consultanyc around proposal writing and training in closing techniques to help you maximise the opportunities presented to you!




Clients are just that of course - your customers! Once someone has made the first purchase from you they can be communicated with as a customer which means that you can look for upselling, repeat, cross-selling and referral opportunities over time from them.


We have a proven system to help you maximise the return from your existing client base - it's one of the most popular things we train and leads to fantastic profits return for our clients. We're also often asked to call through dormant customer lists to reignite relationships and generate opportunities - again this is usually a very profitable exercise.




Contacts who do not meet your target market requirement or request to be removed from your list can be placed to one side. Some call centres trudge over old data to keep call numbers high. This is definitely not our approach.




People who can recommend you! Again, we coach strategies for building your referral network and maintaining these relationships for profitability. 


Everything we do revolves around building a solid sales process for our clients. We aim to increase the conversion rates at each stage so that more customers are produced who then go on to spend more! We consult around these areas but also provide telesales support to drive forward the front end of the process.