Sales Mindset

People often ask us how they can make their sales people more 'confident' and ''motivated'. Here's a start to an answer for both of those personality traits:
























Confidence can be achieved by anyone. Confidence isn't a personality trait, its a mindset which is a result of someone's situation. This is why we feel confident in some situations but significantly less so in others. To find out how we build confidence in our sales team we can start with the effect of confidence and work backwards to see what causes underpin a confident mindset.


Confidence is a direct result of the amount of control someone has in a given situation. We feel confident when we are in control. This is why we are generally more confident travelling when we are driving than when we are the passenger. Sticking with the driving theme we become more confident with more experience because we have more clarity of the elements which make up driving.


Clarity is an advanced form of understanding. If we learn a concept we understand it but if we experience it and practise it we have increased clarity on the matter. Therefore understanding is a cause of clarity.


And finally to give people a better understanding of something we need to lay it out in order, to simplify and explain it, to provide something they can reference - this we call a process. So, after all that pre-amble - in order to build the confidence of your sales people you need to build a solid sales process that provides your team with a clear understanding of the actions they should take and the measurements they should make. This drives forward productive behaviour and with that added clarity your team can take control & ownership of their results and be confident!!


We help our clients build a company sales process and drive it forward. A team of confident sales people can only be a good thing....





I can't really be bothered to write this..... hahaha..


What motivates someone is very individual. Both in terms of the things which hold people back and the things which drive them forward.





























That said it always revolves around the word 'why'. (i) You need to remove barriers for people, barriers about their limiting beliefs and then (ii) get them to tune into their personal goals and aspirations. If you can identify a person's 'why' you can motivate them via their natural emotional drive rather than try to persuade someone with logic that they should be more driven.


This is a huge area but time and time again we have been able to work with individuals and help them massively increase their productivity by working with them on these personal areas.


Think your sales team lacks motivation or confidence??? Give us a call! (If you can be bothered of course..... ;) )