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"What gets measured gets done."

We provide a very particular and practical method of Sales Management Support. Namely, we work with you to develop a company Sales Manual, to lay out your sales process to ensure best practice (something you can continuously improve) and then, most importantly, we help you STICK to it. We support our clients with a monthly Sales Management Meeting, measuring all Key Performance Indicators from the Sales Process and generating key actions with you for the next month to help drive sales results forward. Sound fluffy? Here's how it works for our existing clients, all of whom are gaining a HUGE return on investment:


'We had been trading for seven years when we first met SOUL and though we had grown throughout that time, we had recently began to employ dedicated sales people and were finding managing the team to generate the results a real challenge. SOUL offered the perfect solution by providing sales management expertise without having to pay out for a full time sales manager. Our sales team had now grown and is very profitable. The training support along the way to match our needs has driven this and continues to get us huge results.'

Louise Clayton - Summit 4 Ltd


'Rose & Company has been successful for over 60 years, though the current Directors felt that additional support was required in sales as this is not our personal background. As a result of the sales meetings our sales increased 11% in the first six months and continues to grow significantly due to the key actions we take each month. I would highly recommend every business explore this niche support, it's been a revelation to us.'

Louise Richardson - Rose & Company (Hull) Ltd


'The members of our sales team varied wildly in their experience and backgrounds and all seemed to work in their own ways, which was producing inconsistent results. With SOUL's support we built a company Sales Manual, which allows us to properly manage the team and drive results forward. We have no requirement for a full time Sales Manager (that's my job!) but the additional expertise SOUL brings to the table for us on a monthly basis is invaluable'

Dan Dean - B&B Press Ltd


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