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Case Study - EcoPlugg

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

EcoPlugg - case study written by Gary Moss of Moss Editorial.

We recently began some work with the fantastic EcoPlugg! Here's more about the project and the client's feedback.

The Client

Specialising in electric vehicle charging points at homes and businesses across the UK, EcoPlugg offers an end-to-end service for its customers – from choosing the best solution, right through to installation – in a rapidly developing market.

The Challenge

Following the departure of one of their experienced business development managers, the client was left short on resource in their sales department at a time when new business was a key goal.

EcoPlugg was keen to improve its sales conversion rate. Turning to SOUL brought expertise to help them achieve its objectives and clear a backlog of customer enquiries which had accumulated.

Value and Expertise Delivered

SOUL was able to fill a vital role within the day-to-day running of EcoPlugg’s business at very short notice.

The team worked hard to build knowledge around the customer’s product offer in order to hit the ground running and respond to sales enquiries with a view to developing and closing a busy pipeline of opportunities.

Beyond the initial project requirements, SOUL continues to offer ongoing, dedicated sales support services to help the client to develop more relationships and revenue.

The Results

The way in which the business operates and responds to sales enquiries and leads has been completely transformed with the support of SOUL.

Enquiries are now dealt with efficiently, with accuracy and to a high professional standard which means that customers get access to the information and answers they need quickly, helping to speed up the entire sales cycle.

SOUL has now been elevated to more focused sales activity including targeting new business within the building and car dealership sectors.

EcoPlugg has found a reliable way of achieving its sales targets at a very cost-effective price.


“I first met Tony at a sales training event and was impressed by his approach and knowledge to sales. When the opportunity arose to bring him into the team, I didn’t really hesitate. He learned about what we do quickly and I feel as though our business now works better and more professionally as a result. What I like most is that he follows a proven process that works. Not only does he have a firm understanding of the industry we work in, but he has shown genuine enthusiasm for our work and products.”

Dean Fielding, Director

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