• Tony Pearson

SOUL - Code of Ethics

Here are our self-written Code of Ethics that we have always 100% adhered as we now enter our tenth year of trading:

1. We only take on Business to Business telesales campaigns, where we focus on the RELEVANCE of the product/service to the target market. Thus, reducing the wanted and irrelevant 'cold-calls' that we all hate to receive!

2. We operate non-competitively. i.e. we never work for two companies selling the same product/service in the same area/sector.

3. We never cross-share data. All data that we use on a telesales campaign belongs to the client. Whenever we complete a campaign for a client, the client retains the data and we never access this again for another client campaign.

4. We run an 'Account Manager' based operation. This means that one individual makes all the telesales calls on behalf of a client. Allowing for consistency, better product knowledge and gives the ability to build genuine customer relationships during the sales process.

5. Our Account Managers are paid a salary not paid on commission. They can then focus on providing an excellent overall service, including excellent results for our clients, rather than looking for quick wins and weaker appointments.

6. We do not take on risk for other people's business, we provide a quality sales service. This is to say that we do not take on pro-active sales work on a commission basis.

7. All our clients pay the same day rate. You wouldn't like to think you were paying more than the next company so we always keep a fair approach to pricing. One, very competitive day rate.

8. Our focus is on delivering an excellent return on investment for our clients. We help them measure their returns and where returns are below expectations, we make changes to improve or advise to cease activities where required.

We have always operated to these standards. This is the first time I've actually ever written them down as a Code of Ethics so this list may be expanded as I remind myself of other standards we uphold!


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