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4 Areas to Continuously Improve Your Sales Abilities

As an introduction to sales training, I always give this breakdown of 4 areas in which you can make continuous improvements to improve your sales results:

The center point, your products/services, you cannot do very much with in order to keep improving sales. Sure you can add a new product/service or put a new offer/package together and this can help with results but you do not provide all things to all people and have a core of products/services that you offer. One thing people do in this area is to discount. To me DISCOUNTING IS A SWEAR WORD! It's a desperate, quick-fix option and discounting kills business. If you wish to improve sales results, discounting is the last thing you should be doing.

The other 4 areas are more about the long term and about improving standards.

1) Product Expertise. Some people refer to this is 'product knowledge'. I prefer the term 'product expertise'. Would you rather buy from someone who was knowledgeable or someone who was an expert??

This is also more about being an expert on things which are important to your customer base than simply just about your products/services. The more you can engage on important and relevant topics with your customers (legislation, technology, political/economical influences) the more you will sell.

All this said, we don't train on this area, we cannot make you more of an expert in what you sell but you can endeavour to do this yourself of course.

The other three areas we do very much support and rather than make this an incredibly long blog post, please click the links to find out more:

2) The Sales Process:

3) Sales Techniques:

4) Sales Mindset:

So, long term, you can improve your sales process, your sales techniques, your sales mindset and your product & sector knowledge...... or you know, knock 10% off your prices.....

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