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From Unfamiliar to Familiar

There are many reasons to operate a robust sales process. Best practice, effective to manage, tracking KPIs and so on. When it comes to telesales, following a process, which is broken down into several key parts allows you to more efficiently move people through the sales process from 'Suspect' to 'Client', rather than the calls you will receive where the, let's call them 'talker' is trying to do the whole thing in one call.

People are more comfortable with the 'step by step' approach. When you make an introductory call people will usually react by asking you to send over more information so being prepared for that as part of your sales process obviously makes good sense. When you follow up and speak with them again they are likely to want more time (due to 'being busy', their current contract(s), waiting for an upcoming project etc), you can then patiently call them back according to their needs, without being pushy for things to happen to your preferences.

So far, so obvious (if it wasn't you REALLY need to speak to us about your sales process). There is however another concept at work when you operate a sales process in this way. You increase your level of familiarity.

If you make a 'cold call' - those of you who know me, know my disdain for that term - it is 'cold' precisely because you are unfamiliar to the person you are calling. I always advocate a professional, patient, polite and positive approach to telesales, that, when used as part of a structured sales process, allows you to move from unfamiliar to familiar. By the time you are asking for a sale you are familiar, in so far as the person you are speaking with is more comfortable with your pitch as it is tailored to them and you have a good level of rapport.

The lesson in this is that familiarity is EARNED! Rushing a sales process does not allow you to gain the familiarity that will lead to sales.

Additionally - the 'reason' for your call can also assist with creating familiarity. The more specific it is (i.e. why, specifically you have called that person) the more success you will have. This is evident where you are contacting someone who has been referred to you; 'I'm calling because John Smith mentioned I should get it touch with you...' will always get a 'warmer' response than a generic approach.

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