• Tony Pearson

I'm not a Sales Person..... ?!

I hear this a lot. 'I'm not a sales person..'. I hear it from customer service people, business owners and, well, sales people...

I think the word 'sales' got lost in translation somewhere along the line. We get sold to all day every day but we don't always recognise it as sales. We definitely don't recognise it as sales when it's done WELL! We associate 'sales' with being pestering to buy something we don't need/want but don't associate 'sales' with being helped to buy the things we do need/want.

If you own/run a business, work in customer service or speak to customers AT ALL, you are a sales person. What you do and say affects whether, what and how much people buy from your company and what they say about your company.

Being a sales person is, wait for it... NOT A BAD THING! It's an amazing thing - you get to spend your time HELPING people. If people cannot benefit from what you provide they won't buy, if they can then you get to help them achieve that benefit. That's sound a like a great job to me! I love helping people!

80% of sales is customer service. Customers who have bought once who come back to buy time and time again, buy different products, recommend their friends, family & contacts to you. The vast majority of that occurs AFTER the first sale. After you have stopped selling to them and while you are SERVICING them.

There is no such thing as 'selling' (in terms of convincing someone they need something they don't or can afford something they can't - that's fraud not selling.) Selling is HELPING PEOPLE BUY. Helping them make informed decisions, helping them enjoy the process of procuring the product/service, making it easy for them to do so and looking after them beyond the first transaction so that they are happy and will continue to benefit from your products/services if they at all can.

Embrace the word SALES. If you only want to help people benefit from the things they need and want and not mislead them into something they don't then - you are a sales person! And a great one at that!

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