• Tony Pearson

Sales Management Meetings

Cheesy Stock Image aside, Sales Management Meetings are a vital part of running your sales process and sales team effectively.

We assist companies with monthly Sales Management Meetings - keeping focus on all KPI's throughout their sales process and holding the team accountable for actions set.

Sales Meetings just looking at numbers are useless. Meetings need to generate ACTIONS! And those actions need seeing through. This is what gets RESULTS!

We always discuss things that are going well and things that have been challenges so that we can share best practice and come up with solutions/actions to follow.

Our clients then have a Sales Management system in place for a fraction of the costs of having a full time Sales Manager. This service is available from £199 + VAT per month (£2388 per annum, from which our clients are gaining hundreds of thousands in sales growth).

All of our clients experience sales growth through this process. That may sound like an unsubstantiated claim but I cannot share specifics on here - if you would like to hear some specific achievements and/or testimonials from our clients please contact us.

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