• Tony Pearson

New Premises! (My meeting room is a bar!)

Yesterday (Monday 27th June 2016) we moved into some new premises along with our co owned companies Jungle Tattoo Supplies ( and newly formed The Ranch Tattoo Studio (

The move gives us more office space and some picturesque, to say the least, meeting space. This pub used to be called The Robin Hood and sits in it's own grounds over looking some stunning Yorkshire countryside. We occupy all the bottom floor (over 3,000 sq ft) and the bar area has been preserved for meeting room with character! (Please note that we operate a strict no alcohol before 11am policy.... lol).

If you're wondering what the link to the tattoo industry based companies is, Sales Operations UK Limited had a US based client, a large tattoo supplies company called CAM Supply. We worked with CAM supply for over three years providing sales and customer service provision for the UK & Europe. In 2014 we had a change of structure where I set up our own company to distribute for CAM Supply. Things have come a long way in those two years, Jungle needed more space and the opportunity to move into such a stunning old country pub was too good to turn down and even gives us the space to open a tattoo studio so that we can live what we provide to customers of Jungle. (For those of you who know me personally - don't panic, it's not me doing the tattooing!!).

If you're thinking of improving your company sales process, come and see us in our new fancy joint and we'll put some ideas your way! :)

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