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I've always listened to outsourced Social Media experts with a level of skepticism. Mainly because if people are tweeting on your behalf, it's difficult to be engaging. Also, it's called 'social' media for a reason. It's meant to be interactive, which is also difficult to outsource. I have a client who had used one of these companies and they described the process as basically sending an email to this person with something for them to tweet! What's the point in that?!

My opinion of this however, has changed recently and you probably won't be surprised to hear that this is based on having met an actual expert, who has a professional process, unlike a lot of these amateurs who only do the basics.

Martin Soroka of Tweet4MoreBiz ( (or indeed on Twitter @tweet4morebiz) ) has recently taken over our corporate Twitter account (@salestips_uk) as I was stunningly impressed to find someone who uses Twitter in a way that relates to a REAL sales process.

Tweet4MoreBiz research your industry, target market, competition etc and create professional tweets to send out on a regular basis, they also following lots of relevant people each day and from those who follow you back, create a 'Tweet Forensics' report for you to begin real world contact with. The Tweet Forensics report is a thorough document showing lots of contact details and other information about the companies who have followed you. From this you can make REAL world contact (phone calls, emails etc) and have a reason to make contact, which is critical in successful sales campaigns.

I can highly recommend Martin & Tweet4MoreBiz for creating a process that scoops up large quantities of leads from a leading social media platform and converts them into workable data for sales people to follow up with.

Using social media? That's great - but what do you do after connecting with potential customers online....?

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