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Poor Sales Example #1- Estate Agents

Here's an example of poor sales technique, in fact pretty much absent sales, that I personally experienced this morning. I've decided to call this blog 'example #1' because I see this type of thing regularly and can only image I'll post similar type blogs in the not too distant future.... (not all about estate agents! I know some very good ones!!)

Over the Christmas period I'd spotted a property that would be ideal for us to move into as a business. I operate two growing businesses from our current premises and we're likely to need somewhere before long, however, the property I'd spotted would have been absolutely ideal so I would have made the move earlier.

I saved the link to the property and called the agent (who I won't name) this morning to enquire. The property was showing for sale but also listed leasehold details. Our circumstances would have been to lease the property initially with a view to purchasing (if that were the landlord's longer term wish) 6-12 months down the line. So I made the call as such.....

When I was put through to the commercial team I was greeted with a very blunt 'can I help you?'. I explained that I was interested in the particular property and asked if it were available to lease short term or just for sale. I was informed that the landlord would prefer to sell and already had two offers on the table and that he probably wouldn't be doing any more viewings. I explained our situation and my interest and was told the same thing....

Now, the chap I was speaking to clearly had the thought process that the property I was enquiring about was all but sold and therefore I was of no use to him. If he'd have used his brain for a moment he might have asked a few questions along the lines of the following and created an opportunity:

'what type of business(es) do you operate?'

'where are you currently situated?'

'where are you looking to locate to?'

'what are your needs at new premises?'

'how much space do you need?'

etc etc

Or even better 'tell me more about your business...' a proper open question, he might have generated a lead for a separate purchase/lease deal. Even the below could have been really helpful to both myself and the person who was looking to purchase the property:

'if the buyer of the property is looking to lease it out would you like me to put you in touch?'

This lack of interest in people who enquire with your business if you don't open your mind to other opportunities can be HUGELY costly. Not only has he missed an opportunity for a customer (we all want more customers right??!!) what is my opinion of that agent now? Exactly, wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole.

Every conversation counts in business.

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