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Free Sales Training Workshops

I am really pleased to announce that this year, our Managing Director, Tony Pearson (well, me, not sure why I went for third person there) will be holding some FREE sales training workshops at Langthwaite Business Centre, near Pontefract, WF9 3AE.

The dates and topics are listed on this page of our website (click here). They are all Wednesday morning sessions from 9:30am-11:30am and you can pick and choose the sessions you wish to attend throughout the year. The 2 hour sessions will focus on particular aspects of the sales process, such as closing business or existing customer sales and the aim will be that you will be able to leave each session with specific actions you can take the moment you get back to your desk!

What's the catch I hear you cry?? Genuinely no financial catch or big sales pitch for some crap you won't want. The only thing I may ask you for is a short testimonial if you've gained something useful from the session.

I used to organise 'open' sales training days for around £75 per person per day and though I've had lots of brilliant feedback on them and a genuine demand for more dates, I found that the organising of each event took up a lot of organising time and if people couldn't make a particular date I wasn't able to give them the next date, whereas, with this format I can keep a regular schedule and it's entirely up to you to turn up if you want to gain.

If you would like more information and/or to book one of the sessions please email me -

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