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HSBC - event

I was this week invited to a HSBC Business Event called 'Strategies for Growth' and delivered by business consultant Gavin Preston. My bank manager invited me along and although I'm self-employed and therefore my own boss, I still very much have the inclination to do as my bank manager asks of me!!

It was an all day event and I gained a lot of value from the day but I thought I'd share my three main 'take-away' points from the day (thank Gavin not me!):

1. The rise & rise of video marketing! Gavin provided some undisputable examples of video marketing that have had a huge impact on company sales. Here's a briliiant example from Dollar Shave Club (you'll note the 21m+ views!) :

Online video content is on the rise and rise and you can also brilliantly demonstrate your expertise or the product's features far more effectively. Personally, I've just put the link to YouTube videos of our CRM system onto our website and I'm also going to plan some more sales training videos.

2. Taking time out! All busy business owners cringe at the idea of taking time out to plan but Gavin again demonstrated the benefits of taking half a day a month out of the business with no distractions to look at the bigger picture. It's the difference between running a busy business and growing a profitable business. Again - I am going to book this in my diary for every month!

3. Mindset - Questions. I spend a lot of time reading/listening to mindset books/audiobooks and yet Gavin provided us with one of the most succinct and useful tools I've come across for focussing the mind in the right direction. Question based affirmations are really profound at driving behaviour. You need to frame them to assume that the required goal has been achieved. A great way to start these questions is 'Why is it so easy for me to....' and finish with your specific goal.

If your specific goal is to earn £1,000,000 per year (some people are so poor all they have is money!) then your questions would be 'Why is it so eay for me to earn £1,000,000 per annum?'. This can be business goals, no matter if you're a one man band or running a huge firm or of course, personal goals.

I only learned this yesterday and have used it twice already today. My alarm went off at 6:15am this to get me to the gym before beginning my working day. I'd been disturbed a couple of times during the night (kids - not anything exciting I hasten to add!), it was cold, dark and I was very tempted to turn the alarm off and leave it for another morning when this technique came to me and I said to myself 'Why is it so easy for me to get up and get fit when others struggle so much' and up I got.

My colleague was also talking about the lack of fruit and vegatables in her diet due to having aversions from childhood. I have set her off with her own question 'Why is it so easy for me to try new fruits and vegetables to find the ones I like?'. Having asked her to repeat this several times during the day and with no further persuasion of any kind she has chosen the fruits/vegetables she's going to try this evening!

I can see this becoming a very useful tool in my life.....

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