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Presentation tip - Any Questions....?

Here's a nice easy tip for ensuring you end any presentation on a high - don't end with 'any questions?'.

I see this so often and too often it undermines what has been a thoroughly decent presenation - especially when no questions are asked! People often (I'm saying 'often' too often aren't I?!) don't ask questions at the end of a presentation for several reasons - they don't wish to speak in front of the group, they want an answer which relates to them or their business personally and don't wish to broadcast the question or simply a question hasn;t yet occured to them. By ending with 'any questions' you're inviting a chance of a bum note finale to your presentation.

What to do instead:

I'm definitely not saying don't open to the floor for questions (just in case you were thinking that it's me nobody asks questions of because I'm quite dull), I'm just suggesting you move the 'any questions' part of a presentation forward a little. Have your final slide / point be about how to contact you further and have the 'any questions' part just before. This way you can open to the floor by saying something like 'before I leave you with all the ways you can contact me, does anyone have any questions?' if in that instance there are no questions at that point you can move easily back to the presentation and go over ways people can get in touch should they wish to or possibly even a more creative ending to your presentation.

Hopefully, there will be lots of questions from interested people when you do deliver a presentation of course but keep this little technique up your sleeve as it works either way and keeps you in control.

Any questions? (haha)

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