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New Sales Recruitment Service Launched!

Since I launched Sales Operations UK in 2008 I have often advised and support our clients with the recruitment of their sales and customer service personnel; how to find people, how to qualify candidates, interview questions and techniques, handling expectations of candidates, setting targets and commissions and bonuses for new starters etc.

Finally (over seven years later!) Sales Operations UK Limited is very pleased to announce the launch of our own recruitment service!!

I have long had a bee in my bonnet about the costs of recruitment agents in finding staff. The only time I was hired to a company, when I was 22 and fresh out of University, I later found out that the fee the recruitment agency had charged was £1,800! (My basic salary was just £15,000 for that job over a decade ago). My first words to my then boss were 'but they barely did anything'.

My own experience as a business owner has never really deviated from this. I've had recruiters try to charge me 15% of a first year salary time and time again. My perceived value of what they were doing on my behalf was always £500. 'I'll give you £500 if you put someone in front of me I wish to hire and that's that' is an offer I've often made to recruiters. So, here's me putting my money where my mouth is.

We will recruit on your behalf. We know an incredible telesales person, field sales person, sales manager, customer service extraordinnaire or account manager when we see one and if you would like us to recuit for you, not only will you only pay if you hire someone but you will ONLY PAY £500! (okay I know the image is of $500 but if you can find a £500 note image on Google, you're a better Google Jockey than me). We'll even do a full refund or replacement in the first 6 weeks of hire.

Beat that recuitment industry. A sales specialist, recruiting sales specialists, at less than half your standard prices.

Growing your team in 2016? (that sort of rhymes....) 08456 190872.

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