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Mickey Mouse...

There's a lot we can learn about how to speak to ourselves by how we try and speak with children. When trying to get children to see things in the right way we try to phrase things accordingly. A great example of this I saw recently (in fairness a few hundred times recently) is on the title sequence to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

For those of you who don't happen to have a pre-schooler who insists of watching Disney Junior for as many hours per day as you permit, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the latest incarnation of the famous friendly rodent, where he lives and his friends (Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy) oft visit (though it's never clear where they all live..) and from which they base there adventures.

Another plot in the storyline (he says talking about a cartoon with talking animals...) is that each episode starts with having to make the eponymous 'clubhouse' appear (I know, I thought he lived there too...). Mickey walks over the brow of a hill and looks to an open field where the clubhouse should be. Then he says 'to make the clubhouse appear, we have to say the magic words...' except, he doesn't say that. What he actually says is 'to make the clubhouse appear we get to say the magic words...' How would a child interpret these two sentences differently?

Even at such a young age a child can perceive the difference between something they 'have' to do (a chore) and something they 'get' to do (an opportunity).

How often does your day feel like a drag or pressurised because you 'have' to do this or 'have' to do that. How much better would you feel if you perceived those things as things you 'get' to do. Next time you hear yourself say 'I have to..' just see if you can change that to 'I get to..'

To keep this sales relevant - remind yourself how luck you are that you get to tell people about your business and help people every day of your working life!

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