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Held at Langthwaite Business Centre, WF9 3AE.

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Testimonials on Sales Training by Tony Pearson of Sales Operations UK Limited:


Sandra Nundy, Winning Express: I will introduce more people into my business, due to Tony's training on closing business as he has helped me apply the focus and skills to talking to people in a way that I find out more about them, how I can help them feel confident in accelerating their return on their savings through the Winning Express Sporting Arbitrage.


Andy Hogg, The IT Trainer: Tony's outstanding training has provided our sales team with a clearly defined, yet flexible, sales process, which we be applicable to all aspects of The IT Trainer - I can't thank him enough for what was an informative, enlightening and humorous session.


Darren Crookes, Herbalife: I now understand the flow of the whole sale process and follow up. I have also learned questioning techniques that will help me to understand the customers' needs and the use of different closing techniques.


Ross Hammond, IT Desk (UK): I will sell more as a result of attending this session because I will now look to give the customer an easier entry point and more options to say yes. Through better effective questioning my proposals can be more tailored to the client's needs, therefore making it more appealing to them, increasing the chances of closing.


Sarah Skentzou, Job Match (UK): I feel I have gained more knowledge in how to structure my selling technique and how to come across more confident in how to phrase proposed questions to new leads. I will also focus on my conversion in the hopes that I can see a clear benefit from using these new techniques.


Chris Norton, Prohibition PR: We will be reviewing our sales process following Tony's excellent tips for nurturing prospects thorough to clients. I would highly recommend him to any business owner.