Why we exist...

There is a gap between not having a telesales person and having a telesales team. There is a gap between average sales people and exceptional sales people. There is a gap between having a dedicated Sales Manager in the business and having no sales management in the business. 


Sales Operations UK Limited exists to bridge these gaps for you.


Whether you want additional sales activity, without the commitment of more employed sales staff, more expertise with less risk or whether you want to take your company sales personnel and sales process to the next level, we can help you.


We exist to deliver a fantastic return on investment for our clients by supporting them in building and delivering professional, sustainable and profitable sales processes.


What does this mean for your company? Talk to us today.

Tony Pearson 


This unattractive northerner is our Managing Director, Tony Pearson. Tony has a lifetime of sales experience behind him including being a sales trainer for HSBC aged just 21 and Sales Management positions in Finance & Marketing firms. 


Tony formed Sales Operations UK Limited (SOUL) in 2008 and has since delivered telesales projects, sales training and sales management consultancy to hundreds of firms based across the UK.


Tony believes in an honest and empathetic approach to sales and that great relationships, not quick wins, build success.


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